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Ello Ello

Hi Hi Hi there. uhmm I'm new to this community so might I introduce myself.

I go by Danielle. I'm fourteen years of age. And yes I'm a bit young.

I'm into alot of 77 bands and a weee bit of emo more recently. (don't ask)

Some of my favorite bands are The vibrators, GBH, The clash, Against me!, 999, Blood brothers, Sham 69, STiff little fingers, Velvet underground. eh. alot more. if you wanna know look at my intrests.

My digital camera is broken. I'm getting another one within a week or two so I can post some recent pictures.

My hair, and makeup changes alot.

Well that's all you need to know sorry If I bored you.


But I have a question. or actually i need suggestions.

I used to wear skin tight and sew up the flares. But They're are starting to become a pain in my ass always sewing and I don't have money for a sewing machine but might inherit one soon. anyways that's not the point.

The point is. does anyone have suggestions of what I can do with my pants where they don't look too funny with my creepers because flares look really weird. any ideas?


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