Vulgaras! Hate in the Box! Folk Fiction! Stark! 12/01/04

Vicious Vixens Violate the Don Hill's stage for...


Brought to you by yer host & DJ Steve Blush

At Don Hill's (511 Greenwich at Spring, NYC.)

Wed. December 1st

Doors open 8pm, $10

Stark plays @ 9pm
Folk Fiction vamps @ 10pm
Hate in the Box creeps @ 11pm
Vulgaras rox @ midnight

A wicked line-up for the wild at heart!
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I saw UK Subs at a
basement show.

It was actually kind of scary because Kevin's car fucking sucks. We were on the freeway and the hood started shaking really bad, being that it was only taped close with ducktape. So...we were scared Itd fly up and blind us or even worse break the windsheild and kill us. On top of that the engine isnt really bolted in. What a night though. The show started out at Stonies, after the first band finished the Fire Marshall showed up and kicked us out, so UK Subs, Mc Jesus, and Relience moved them selves to a basement.I fucking saw UK Sub at their last show in Reno in the fucking basement. I got a bunch of free merch because Charlie and Nicky (Singer, Guitar for UK Subs) were hella cool and gave them to me. I think the show was better as a basement show than how it was before. How many people get to say they saw the fucking UK Subs in a basement recently. I got a need cd, two patches, four pins, a poster, and a shirt that I asked them to sign for me. They guys were incredibly awesome and fucking great musicians. They were so nice to everyone and passed out beers to the people in front, including me. Awesome fucking men, I swear. Nicesnt band Ive met so far. I wish they were going to come again. I hope someday they will change their mind and come once more. Charlie told me that the Vibrators are coming, that will be awesome.

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Hi i just kinda rejoined here and stuff i joined here under my old journal amandahbean and i decided to rejoin now because i forgot to  when i first made this thing :) so anyways just sayin hello.
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I've been looking for MONTHS for a new hair cut. I've concidered a lot of things but this one I think is what I really really want to do. I've wanted a hawk forever now, but my dad said no. This one though is still kinda cute, in a hawkish kind of way. Now all I have to do is convince my mom to let me do it.

Before I go and shave my head I wanted to ask everyones opinion on it...

Pictures of me:Collapse )

Pictures of the hawk to be:Collapse )

I wish there was a way to take the cut you wanted and paste it on your head to see exactly what youd look like with it.
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