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Punk Chicks, MOTHA-FUCKA!
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This is not rating community. This community, like my others, is for any chicks who consider themselves "punk" or guys that like to look at pretty punk chicks. I only ask of you to follow the rules.


- post many, many pictures of you and your punkrock ass.

- talk about upcoming shows in your area.

- talk about favorite and least favorite bands.

- talk about anything you want that has to do with punk.

- ask advice on life, school, fashion, beauty, music, etcetera.

- talk about ANYTHING THE FUCK YOU WANT because I couldn't give a fuck less. lmao. But make sure it is on-topic.


- post nude or pornographic images.

- judge people on age, race, gender, or sexual preference.

- post here if you think Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, Blink 182, New Found Glory, Yellowcard, or Sum 41 is punk. I will ban your ass and pray to god that you get hit by a bus.

- bitch at me, for I am the mod. heh.

- promote other communities.

And remember:

- Have Fun.

- Punk is NOT about the fashion. The fashion fucking rocks everyone's mom's ass, and there is NOTHING wrong with wanting to dress punk. Just don't say you are punk because of it. ;x

- Comment on my livejournal.

- Remember, I AM YOUR MOD. Devotchka005.